Sound Designer & Composer

RUBIKA (2019)

In Mariachi, you will have to tap to the rhythm of the music of each level by following its BPM, to move and shoot targets in the whole level design. By doing this you will be able to get a score, that will allow you to visualize it on local leaderboards for each song of the game.

For this mobile game, I chose to produce a traditional Mexican music band combined with a lightly electronic beat. A recurring percussion is mixed louder than the other instruments to help the player to be synchronized to the tempo of the music.

For the production of the sound effects, I mostly reused instrumental sources, especially for the UI sounds.

You’ll find all the informations about Quash on the Tristan Veille website :

Game Designers : Tristan Veille, Samuel Basset, Axel Chatelain.
Artists : Ilona Guiraud, Hugo Ducrocq, Loïc Voisin, Hugo Guisnet.