Sound Designer & Composer

RUBIKA (2020)

The player will be in a room with a wall of bricks in front of him that he can destroy with a ball that he will control with a racket. There are 3 different brick types: blue, green and neutral. The bricks will be destructible if the colour of the ball matches the colour of the brick in question. The player can choose to change the colour of the ball at any time everytime he hits it.

For the sound identity of the game, I created several sound effects with an arcade type sound. During the gameplay, there is a lot of information such as the table to complete, the number of levels, the combos chain, etc. The transmission of audio feedbacks is crucial in the game, in order to bring information about the player’s progress. The sound allows him to judge his own positive and negative actions during his session. As for the music produced, I judged the Electro/Synthwave genre ideal with the neon decor in the game.

Quash is available on Steam.

You’ll find all the informations about Quash on the Tristan Veille website :

Game Designers : Tristan Veille, Timothé Dauplay, Vincent Trinel.
Programmers : Francois Noël, Timothé Piau, Alexis Ledouble.
Artist : Sonia En-Najibi.
Producer : Geoffrey Pineau.